Let's Talk Science: Bringing Antarctica to the Classroom

In this week's installment of Let's Talk Science, we feature some of the ways in which our team has been talking science with students of all ages!

One central mission of MAGIC-DML is bringing our research into classrooms and to students of all ages. While in Antarctica and since coming home, our team members have been able to do just that.

Before leaving for the field, Dr. Jon Harbor was contacted by Barbara Tilley and her class of 3rd graders at Mintonye Elementary. They were studying what it took to live and work on the ice in Antarctica, things our team members have gotten quite good at.

Dr. Harbor and the students from Mintonye Elementary emailed back and forth a bit during his field work in Antarctica. Upon returning to the States, Dr. Harbor visited the school where he was able to answer their questions first hand.

(Dr. Harbor shows off video footage of the Antarctic landscape taken by the MAGIC-DML team this past field season) Photo Credit: Barbara Tilley

Students in Ms. Tilley’s class got to hear how the MAGIC-DML team lives and works on the ice. They got to see a video tour of a living module, the small boxes the team uses as housing in the field. The students also asked really good questions about how the team prepares food, keeps clean and hygienic, and travels on the ice. Dr. Harbor also showed the students all the things he has to bring with him to stay comfortable and focused while working on the ice. He was so popular, that other teachers and students wanted to learn about Antarctica research too!

(3rd grade students at Mintonye Elementary School try on the gear our team uses to keep warm in Antarctica) Photo Credit: Barbara Tilley

Recently, Dr. Harbor has also been able to video-conference with students from Penn State University in an introductory course on Sustainability. The students completed a series of pre-class and in-class readings and activities focused on understanding glacier mass balance and earth system interactions in a changing climate, and then engaged in a Q&A and discussion around MAGIC_DML and larger sustainability issues.

Furthermore, Dr. Derek Fabel was able to correspond with students at Lenzie Academy through email and video chat. He was able to answer questions about the interesting things he has seen, how he avoids frostbite, what he misses from home, and, of course, the penguins!

While we are fascinated by the transformation of Antarctic ice sheets, we are also fascinated by transforming young minds. MAGIC-DML team members have been thrilled to bring our work and experiences to the communities we work in, and all around the world!

Are you interested in partnering with the MAGIC-DML team? Would you like to bring a real scientist into your classroom? If so, contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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