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The team staying at SANAE IV all year.

Overwintering at SANAE IV

Hi! My name is Will Jelbert. I am one of the team currently overwintering at the South African Antarctic research base SANAE IV.

Planetary boundaries: a safe operating space for humanity.

Leading a more sustainable life – A response to one of our most asked questions

We are often asked by people ‘what is the best thing I can do to lower my carbon footprint?’ or something along these lines.

Giving a lecture on glaciology.

Experience in Karthaus as a student

The Karthaus course was absolutely amazing in many different ways.

Landscape view of southeast Alaska.

How to get started within polar research?

There are many ways to begin polar research, or even just to experience polar regions as a medical personnel, engineer, or logistics personnel.

Illustration of rays and quartz.

Let’s Talk Science: But What About Beryllium and Aluminum?

Last week, we shared with you how we use carbon to help us date the rocks.

Let’s Talk Science: C-14 Dating

Last week, we mentioned how isotopes are created in quartz. One of these isotopes is carbon-14.

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